“Fast Sports” signed Tieyao Matic screenshots Chelsea, Manchester United also won 37.1 million pounds Mata, Arsenal are ready to spend 36 million pounds to buy Draxler ho, the main competitors are up strong premise, Manchester City did not sit still, Jan. 26, according to the British sports site “quick Sports” message, blue moon ready to exchange with the left-back Clichy midfielder Matuyidi Paris, in order to strengthen the team middle of the defense. Line thickness Manchester City in the Premier League is second to none in the left back position on the hoarding of Clichy and Kolarov two players, after Pellegrini took over Al Ittihad Stadium, Clichy’s position worsened, the Chilean engineer More trust is Kolarov, French Cup almost become the main force, the last 4 games Cup Clichy field starts, but in the relative importance of the Premier League, the Clichy has only become more substitutes .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League cheap soccer referee jerseys 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site: jerseysdressingroom.com ! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.. Season so far, the tournament down a handful of Clichy contribution, no goals, only one assists for Houston, by contrast, his rival Kolarov but has 4 goals 6 assists high light performance. “Fast sport,” said the midfielder position, although Yaya – Toure and Manuel Coutinho are players, but their bench Harvey – Garcia and Rodwell is very not to force, in particular The latter, the local players in England often injured this season in the Premier League just three times at home experience, in the case of Manchester City take four fronts, Pellegrini formations affected. It is reported that Manchester City intends to use to exchange Paris Clichy midfielder Matuyidi, the latter with the Paris contract expires in the summer, but has yet to give its French champions opened up a contract. Matuyidi is a defensive midfielder, coverage is very strong, one of the defense capability is not succeed more so, if Manchester City to sign such a defensive vanguard, line thickness which Blue Moon will be a great the added benefit of Blue Moon in four events to ensure a reasonable rotation. It is worth mentioning that Matuyidi also been a Chelsea game, but Mike Mussina finally purchased Matic from Benfica, which makes Manchester City in the transfer market easier to succeed. In five days left in the transfer window would shut down, at halfback position, Manchester City has also accelerated the pace of signings, news from “Manchester Evening News,” the source said, for the introduction of a reliable defender, Blue Moon Prepare trigger guard demon Porto Mangala liquidated damages clause, this figure will reach 38 million pounds of the giant, though a huge amount, but it is not easy to deal with unscrupulous Europe, in occasion of the imminent closure of the transfer window, Manchester City has not How much room for bargaining. In addition, the news from “insight into the offside,” the show, Manchester City striker frustrated teenager Vidic was coveted by Arsenal, Gunners manager Arsene Wenger hopes to introduce the striker to ease the pressure on Giroux’s goal. Last summer, Manchester City 22 million pounds to the introduction of the Star of Hope, but his appearance overall but after Sergio Aguero, Negredo, and dominant, can only act as a fourth striker, in Vidic after tendon injury healed, Wenger ready to offer 18 million pounds buying the Manchester City striker frustrated, it is one that Vidic was Arsenal’s long-term game, but Manchester City last summer winner, now Wenger With the opportunity to re-embrace recorded under their attitude is the key to Manchester City this transfer can take place in. (Zi Tong)