captains excited pyramid celebrates scoring when four straight Premiership Tottenham and Manchester City Premiership four straight territories, the outcome will be? 0-6 this season, losing in the first leg of Tottenham old wounds healed added a new record, sits 1-5 defeat at White Hart Lane but the reality, so Magic coach Sherwood also feel dejected. Gain a draw at Arsenal when the mouth, Manchester City chase momentum to a wave of soul-stirring 8-0 Premiership strong rise of 23 cruised to 17 wins, 2 draws, 4 losses, accumulated 53 points to overtake Arsenal 1 minute summit list, command princes. November 10, 2013 Premier League after losing 0-1 away to Sunderland, Manchester City within a further two months time nearly 20 games in all competitions unbeaten and remarkable record of 18 wins and two draws. During this epic magnificent golden years, Manchester City scored 69 goals in 20 games, averaging 3.45 goals, three goals, “minimum consumption” has become a walking advertisement for the Premier League. Upon his inauguration, Pellegrini play attacking football has attracted a lot of questions and criticism, after run-in with the experiment more than half of the season, Manchester City to fill the gap of offensive and aggressive style, made a scene and record a double harvest at the same time a butterfly has unwittingly expose championship phase. Adhere to the ball, adhere ground with, insist not to attack or give me death, Pellegrini’s insistence, even paranoid, and finally to create a king of the division of a domineering exposed. He continued Mancini era Compagni – Silva – Aguero this axis on the basis of gold, to show their side of the courage and wisdom. Engineers do not look at the players fame, only on the state, so he dared to use more investment, more glass slide Negredo replaced the dominant position of the center is printed, and in the case of the “Golden Glove” Hart repeatedly to take decisive mistakes , enable goalkeeper Panticosa Limon, not only set a personal prestige, but also convey to the players’ training if they work hard, have a chance to play, “the signal to promote healthy competition within the team to upgrade. Even rely on well-known charge during Mancini Manchester City on the “golden axis” reliance, Pellegrini is not, Kompany, Silva, Aguero had injuries this season, do not pitch a few months time while Manchester City boss is always a way to find their “avatars” to make the team to minimize the impact of core sidelined brought strong rise Negredo Needless words, Nasri, Demichelis, who also for some time played a convincing performance. Wear handsome summoned Zhirenshanren ability Mancini after blasting a few blocks. Manchester City this season, no longer has impregnable, impregnable fortress-like defense, this is the Blue Moon doors wide open play side effects. Pellegrini’s football philosophy, is less than the opponent scored more goals, conceded not a problem, so we can see Manchester City zero closure opponents fewer, but the winning streak is more, once the offensive play repertoire so overwhelming, so-called “road phobia” do not rule the more. Manchester City manager on the market situation and the keen insight and unique coaching talent is quite amazing, the last round of the FA Cup in his team the first half 0-2 behind to achieve reversal by 4 goals to put two defenders This is Pellegrini – both regular rotation of the provisions of the action, with soldiers line deception optional exercise, active thinking, shot uncertain, worthy master. Leapt to the top of the Premier League, League Cup into the final, the FA Cup qualify for the first five, among the last 16 in the Champions League, Manchester City four-singing brilliance, hard-edged .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League chelsea shirts for sale 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site: ! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.. February 19 morning, sturdy wild Manchester City sits gold home, ushered in with Barcelona in the Champions League 1/8 final first leg showdown, Cosmos Guardiola era, ready to abuse it?