8 February 23 evening, the 2013/2014 season, the first 25 Premier League rivalry, Manchester City away to Norwich. Hooper broke the 18th minute was blown offside, Negredo in the 36th minute header hit the crossbar, Manchester City 0-0 away boring flat Norwich, 25 war plot 54 points ranked after Chelsea and Arsenal, the Premier League ranking dropped Third standings. 64 games the two teams battle history, Manchester City 34 wins and 20 draws and 10 losses score dominant, nearly 6 games vs. Blue Moon 5 wins and 1 unbeaten Premiership this season, the first leg PK, Manchester City sits mad Ittihad 7-0 Tu opponent. Because Arsenal had lost to Liverpool, Manchester City determined to win this battle, if you can win the Premiership leaders. Manchester discharge 442 this war, led the defense Compagni, Toure and Silva back composed midfield dual-core, Negredo and Vidic assault, dominant bench, Fernandez Godinho, Aguero, satisfied Sri injury. Norwich aspect, Pilkington midfield, Hooper up front. The first four minutes Clichy cross from the left was blocked, after successive pull the ball inside the first seven minutes Negredo restricted Zhisai Navas restricted the right of small-angle hit the door hit the side net. 9 minutes after Martin Demichelis playing field and Toure one-two with mistakes, one minute before the games left side with strong long-range Houaoersen Zabaleta was denied the bottom line, Raymond Hart hair corner was confiscated . The first 13 minutes Demichelis unmanaged state points to the side force directly under the edge, two minutes 后德米凯利斯 stopping mistakes, the fans in the stands booed. The first 16 minutes, Raymond restricted the right foot volley over the bar, the first 18 minutes out on the right corner of Raymond, bassoon header was saved, Hooper melee grab shot nets due to an offside by sentence is invalid. The first 21 minutes before the games straight Silva failed Vidic, 22 minutes Navas cross from the right corner of the building, Spain winger personally kick the lack of threat, Norwich hit back, Milner tactical foul on Phil He was the referee verbal warning. Toure 26 minutes before the first head of the farm transfer power directly to the bottom line too much, Raymond plate over the first 30 minutes Krishna pass directly fly stands. The first 32 minutes Compagni the ball midfield looking Negredo, the latter offside, 1 minute 后萨巴莱塔 Tui far corner wide of the right side of the penalty area. Navas 36 minutes out on the right corner, Demichelis nodded the ball before the ferry, Negredo Relay header from the center severely hit the crossbar! The first 39 minutes Negredo left costal artillery missed the first 43 minutes Silva left inverted triangle pass, Vidic arc right foot volley in the middle goalkeeper wants. Since then the two teams were to break, 0-0 evenly divided. Easy side battles, the first 49 minutes before the market break through into the pocket Navas cross was broken, one minute Houxierwa left corner siege. The first 53 minutes Silva ball, Navas cross from the right was denied the bottom line, he personally delivers the corner no threat. The first 57 minutes Vidic left rib cross, before Olson grab kicker Navas sliding tackles siege .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League referee soccer shirts 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site: jerseysdressingroom.com ! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.. The first 58 minutes Milner front steals even after several people forced the right pass, Vidic header top side. The first 61 minutes Hooper heel pass from the right penalty area Martin volley put anti-aircraft guns. 61 minutes Manchester City summoned Dzeko replace Vidic played. The first 64 minutes Pablo Zabaleta on the right sleeve edge pass was destroyed in the 66th minute Silva cross from the left, and dominant header ferry could not find a teammate. Substitution Norwich 68 minutes, Sven Kerr, who replaced the injured Fanwoerfu Hooper. The first 70 minutes Milner left side with long-range blocked, and then shot by Toure bassoon blocking loophole. 71 minutes left cut into the restricted area Negredo may pass like shooting is destroyed, the first 74 minutes Milner vicious uprooting Olson, eat the whole game’s first yellow card. The first 75 minutes the ball Silva, Dzeko left the restricted area after Akira opened low angle shot in the side net. The first 77 minutes Manchester substitutions, Kolarov, who replaced Negredo. The first 78 minutes Krishna Raymond sudden strong right-sided pass was Hart got the first 80 minutes thatti pushed from behind Kolarov was booked, the first 81 minutes Milner on the right is Fanwoerfu Schwentke After 尔飞铲 still tenacious pass, which was reissued when the referee yellow card. Olson singled Navas 82 minutes, restricted the right to tear the air when after playing point target. The first 84 minutes the ball Silva, Milner penalty area on the right sleeve side pass by goalkeeper get. The first 87 minutes Navas right cross, Kolarov hasty volley missed. After 89 minutes, Pilkington closed on the left and roll twist shot slightly wide of the far corner, the first 91 minutes Kolarov long shots outside the arc sliding doors. The first 93 minutes Norwich substitutions, replacing Huaitakeer Pilkington.