Aguero made a race against time to reverse Kompany Manchester City teammate excited Pressure Watford battle, let Pellegrini truly understand that the “half water, half of the flame” feeling. He admits that if the rules allowed, he was anxious to be replaced at half-time Manchester City 0-2 All 11 starters, but the team in the second half by scoring four goals in the sense of shame Yong complete reversal, or make him feel very happy. Manchester City manager on the team’s performance in the first half was very disappointed, regardless of whether he was in the locker room at halftime freak, this had a positive effect in the second half Manchester City player dream wake up, 4-2 comeback. Pellegrini bluntly: “I am very worried halftime, I told the players before the game, a low-level league team playing the FA Cup will always have more power if you can not put 100 percent is likely to be eliminated. We have no escape route, if we play like that again in the first half, can only be a dead end. I never underestimate the strength of Watford, I’ve no illusions this game will be very easy, on I’ve told the players this point . . Manchester City player may not think this is an easy game, I think they are commendable performance in the second half. In the second half we changed everything, found a rhythm and pace, this season has played in Iraq Di Hade inherent routine operations, change is the time! “undoubtedly the biggest player to win Aguero Manchester City, he will board a hat-trick of major news headlines in the second half, but Pellegrini believes there is a Manchester City player They have demonstrated a strong desire to win in the face of adversity. Chilean engineer hinted that he gave in the game Aguero more playing time than expected, and that the process is advancing at Manchester City in the FA Cup in the first five opponents to give them a good lesson: “Manchester City The first half did not play like that in the past, for me the most important thing is that: Waterford no scoring 3 goals and if they do, the game almost ended lower league teams in the foot. Total Cup show enough initiative normal, but fortunately we withstood the pressure, played a wonderful second half. Aguero is a top player, he is very important to us. I do not want to let him play for 90 minutes, I had wanted to give him 60-70 minutes of playing time, but I only let him order the game played in the audience, he changed the game. “Turning to the winter transfer window, the club Pellegrini that this is not the primary concern :. “winter transfer window deadline is January 31, we will see what will happen, but not the lead edge of the team’s current top priority” Waterford coach also talked to 桑尼诺City view: “I often watching Manchester City game on TV, but in the field and they compete are different, they have a fantastic group of players I think that Manchester City have the strength to win all the trophies they could win, but the ball is round. They must stay focused, because before anything is possible. “